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Useful Travel Information for Panelists and Website Program Authors


The conference will be held and co-sponsored by The Rothermere American Institute.
Information about the Institute can be found on its website:

We recommend that conference participants take the direct Oxford bus from London airports to Oxford. Information about cost, bus times, and where the bus stops in Oxford can all be found at:
At the airport follow signs for buses/central bus station.

If you plan to travel to Oxford by train from London, information about train times and cost can be found at:
Upon arrival at the Oxford train station local buses and taxis can take you into the centre of town. The station is located fairly centrally, so it is also walkable.

Further Oxford travel information (including local buses) can be found at the following Oxford University website:

Ground Transportation Fares:
Airline bus from Gatwick, period return - £27
airline bus from Heathrow, period return - £19
oxford tube from London to Oxford, period return - £16
Train from London to Oxford - around £20
Request 'period returns' rather than just 'returns' when buying your ticket
because 'returns' are for travel back the same day, sometimes the next
day. Period returns let you take your return journey anytime within three

Conference Presenters will be accommodated either in Mansfield College, the University Club, or Linton Lodge.

Mansfield College and The University Club
Both are located on Mansfield Road (just around the corner from the Rothermere American Institute).
• Walking from the High Street – the airline buses from Gatwick and Heathrow stop on the High Street (the stop will be announced as ‘Queen’s Lane’), opposite The Queen’s College. From the High Street, walk down Catte Street, past the Radcliffe Camera and the Bodleian Library, until you reach a crossroads, and can see a pub called the Kings Arms ahead of you. Take the road on the right, called Holywell Street. Walk along Holywell Street until you reach a sandwich shop called The Alternative Tuck Shop. Turn left immediately after this shop, and you will be on Mansfield Road. Continue along Mansfield Road – the University Club is about 60 metres along, on the right hand side of the road. Mansfield College is just past the University Club, on the left hand side of the road.
• If catching a taxi, either from the Central Bus Station or the station, simply ask to be taken to either the University Club or Mansfield College, on Mansfield Road, and the taxi driver will know where to go! The cost of the taxi should be approximately £5-7

Mansfield College is one of 39 University of Oxford colleges, and further information can be found on the college website:

The University Club was recently built to cater specifically for postgraduates and staff of Oxford University. Further information can be found at its website:

Linton Lodge
Linton Lodge is a hotel situated in north Oxford, on the Banbury Road.

This is not a walkable distance for people with luggage, so we recommend catching a taxi from the central bus station or railway station. Simply ask the taxi driver to take you to Linton Lodge, on Banbury Road, and the driver will know how to get there! The cost of the taxi should be approximately £5-7.

Information about Linton Lodge can be found at:

If you have any additional questions about your accommodation, please contact

Accommodation at all three locations includes breakfast. Lunch will be provided at the conference. The Conference Gala Dinner will be held on Thursday April 27, and a conference dinner will be held on Friday April 28. Both will be at Mansfield College. Meals from dinner Thursday through dinner Saturday are complimentary for panel presenters. For website authors lunches are included in their complimentary registration. Dinners for website authors are available for £44 on Thursday and £30 on Friday, as indicated on the website authors registration form. If eating out in Oxford, the average cost of a main course in the evening would be between £8 (in a pub) and £15.


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