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Conference Panelists


All panelists are already registered. And panelists rooms have been arranged individually with Emma Ruckley. If you have questions about your room, contact Emma Ruckley. For more about the location of our facilities, see the "Travel to Oxford" page. No further registration action is required for panelists except if you wish to purchase dinner for guests who may be accompanying you. If you wish to purchase dinners for guests, please complete the form below, make a copy for yourself, and mail to arrive in Oxford no later than March 27. Mail to Emma Ruckley, Rothermere American Institute, 1A South Parks Road, University of Oxford, Oxford, OX1 3TG, United Kingdom

The following dinners may be purchased for guests who are accompanying panelists:
Gala conference dinner, Guest, £44........................................................

Conference dinner, Guest, £30



If you are attending dinners on Thursday and Friday nights, please let us know by March 27 about any dietary requirements that you might have. Thank you.

Competing Kingdoms Conference,
April 27-29 2006
Rothermere American Institute, Oxford

Please complete the form below and return to:
Emma Ruckley
The Queen’s College
Oxford OX1 4AW
United Kingdom

(please type or print details clearly)

Cardholder’s name as it appears on the card:  
Cardholder’s billing address, including post code:  
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Full transaction amount:  

Reason for payment (e.g. conference fee, conference dinner):

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